Thank you for considering us for your project.  I am a custom Builder and have been engaged, as a General Contractor, in the Charleston area since 2003.  My primary goal is to return my projects on time and on budget and with the highest value to cost.  In order to achieve this, I typically perform exhaustive research and planning.  A project of this caliber and scale requires great sensitivity to Architectural intent and the utmost attention to detail.  It is a collaborative effort requiring compatibility and constant communication between the owners, the Architect, and the contractor.  I can provide the attention and process that make a project like this successful.

I understand that you want to fast track the work without given up any quality. I achieved this by constant supervision and job presence. I have done fast track projects and have found, comparatively, that a planned and organized project is generally just as fast if not faster and there are fewer problems.  With the proper planning and process, the work flows much more smoothly, the execution contains fewer flaws and that the time spent in planning is returned with interest.

Your home will be beautiful and in a spectacular setting.  I’m sure you want it to be a rewarding experience to build it.  The following outline will explain the approach.

  1. Design development and construction document completion – During the completion of the plans we can begin shopping the critical and long lead time items.  We begin our estimating now so that when the permit set of drawings is complete we are close to arriving at a contract price.  Knowing the financial impact of the construction with as high a degree of accuracy as possible is essential to managing the tension that inevitably develops with this scale expenditure.
  2. Permit – This usually takes three to five weeks.  There is a possibility that it will be less but this is the current backlog.  We will complete the estimate and finish defining the project currently.  We also proceed with the contract.
  3. Contract – Our contract will include scope of work, general conditions, all direct costs, fees and insurance as well as allowances, alternates, exclusions and close out.  Payment process and lien waivers are covered here as well as dispute resolution and termination.  I prefer to work under a stipulated sum contract but if fee based construction management is your preference I would still manage to a budget.
  4. Project Plan – A project plan will be developed that will detail the sequence and schedule of phases and events and provide a list of selections with due dates.  I will report on any variance at each meeting or at any time you might require.
  5. Construction – Once the site is prepared and the building layout is complete construction will begin.  Since the previous events have run concurrently, no time will have been lost.  We will all be truly prepared and we can reasonably expect to be able to adhere to the schedule from this point on.
  6. Close Out – All aspects of the work will be inspected and approved.
  7. Warranty – All product and material warranties are provided by the various manufacturers and workmanship by their installer.  I provide a one year warranty against defects in workmanship on all installed products as well.  A list of all subcontractors and suppliers will be included in the project file.

I am confident that I can produce your design accurately and on time.  I strive for an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship with all my customers and take personal pride in my work.


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